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I've been working on paid projects/products for my clip-art store and I want a break...sort of.  I just feel like doodling OCs.*  Just sketches, just for fun, just today.  : )

I will probably upload sketches in groups (4-5 OCs per page) in my sketchbook.

1. Original characters that aren't based on the likeness of established characters.
2. Human characters (or characters that look human like vampires, etc.)
3. You have to describe the character's personality in 3 words in this forum post.  Linking to a picture helps. If you don't have any pictures of your character, please describe their physical features. :)

Just for today 7/27*
5 Forces, My 7th Grade Fantasy Manga by TRALLT
5 Forces, My 7th Grade Fantasy Manga
Once Upon the 1990's, a demented 7th grader forged a horrid, cliched, comic series in the depths of her twisted imagination. In 2014, revision begins...

These characters are remakes of the same characters from my magnum opus I made when I was 13. (5 Forces) That bizarre piece with the flag that you see is a picture of my original characters, circa 1995/ 1996.  The two at the sides are supporting characters.  The main group is in the middle.  The ominous eyes belong to the villain, of course! They are on an airship. I kind of "marketed" the comic as a fantasy, but it was more steampunk with trains, zeppelins, technology, inventions, and some steampunk style. I just didn't know there was a word for that genre back then!

Guy with the glasses= Frap, Force of Time
Green Girl= Lori, Force of Nature
Little kid= Juli, Force of Water
Buxom Princess next to the flag=  Princess Sara, Force of Fire
Guy with Bandana=  Dominick Van Baron, who was supposed to be an attractive antihero. Because turning your head and neck around at impossible angles is very appealing.
Kid with raccoon hat= Nik, Force of Weather

The fun part about this project is that found all the old comics (8.5 volumes tied together with shoelaces and various string-like oddities), so I get to compare my storytelling and art approaches. And try to understand what the hell was going through my mind back then. Seriously, so many WTF moments. Crappy as the comic is, it's still fun to read and unintentional lulz abound.  I decided to revisit the story, revise it, and remake the characters.  And hopefully, for the fans of the "originals" (lol), a re-re-re-re-release is in the future, accompanied with comparative notes and some hilarious scans of the originals.*

If you want to know more about 5 Forces, here is the Facebook for updates and lulz from the original "panels":

*I'm hoping to start updating the comic sometime in August or September, but I won't start that until I finish some work on Geode Corner (in progress!) and get that story updating regularly again.
7th Grade Comic Fail by TRALLT
7th Grade Comic Fail
So more on this later.  This from an original comic I started when I was thirteen.  The little girl with the pigtails is saying "That's not a sky island.." but it's cut off.  Yes, some of the dialogue is indeed ripped off from Star Wars.  Also feel free to add dirty jokes here.  There is so much unintentional innuendo in this comic it's amazing.

If for some odd reason you want to learn more about this hilarious disaster from my early teen years, you are welcome to visit the FB page!

Some of the keywords are "fail", "bad art", and "stupid".
High School Community by TRALLT
High School Community
This was a fun summer project; creating diverse clip-art of high school students for teachers.  The teachers wanted clip-art characters that showed students of different races, sizes, heights, and styles. 
The fantastic, wonderful Loom of "Vampire Fetish" featured "Geode Corner" in a favorable and fun review hosted on her website.  This is quite an honor for me because Loom is one of my favorite web-artists for many reasons.
Check out the GC review here:…

She is a great comicker so be sure to check her work.Loom is an incredible artist with a really unique retro style.  I was always drawn to Loom's traditional art methods and her superb storytelling. I appreciate how Loom gives you the full story on her artwork, often revealing the process, early images, and concept art.

Loom, as you may already know, also contributes to the webcomic community in many ways, from tutorials to articles. If you like the twisted humor and quirky characters in my comic, you'll LOVE Loom's go read her stuff if you haven't discovered it yet!
and Loom's web-world here:
Loom's Comics:…

Some of Loom's work:

Manga-Apps: Creative Storm by LOOMcomics
VHJ: We Have All Seen Better Days by LOOMcomics

February Child by LOOMcomics
VHJ: Predecessor by LOOMcomics
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United States

Favourite genre of music: I really enjoy techno, country, classical, movie soundtracks, 80's, folk, old stuff
Favourite photographer: My sister
Favourite style of art: Cartoons, comics, animation
MP3 player of choice: What are these new fangled contraptions the kids are fussin about? Dagnabbit!
Shell of choice: Olive shell? Scotch Bonnet? Conch?

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Tommy wasius going to be in samuria cop 2 if you get time check it out on youtube - samurie cop 2 tralier
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Hey so are you still doing Geode corner? :3 :3
TRALLT Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013
Thank you so much for asking! :D  I am absolutely planning on continuing GC and hope to resume updates in January.  I've had a rough year but I expect to catch up on reading my favorite webcomics and returning to updating my own.  GC will return soon, I promise!  In fact, I am planning to post a more official announcement about it on New Year's. (And returning to the internetz in general after this insane year.  I can't wait for 2014! )

Thanks again!  Comments like this really inspire me to keep going. :hug:  I was just going through some GC pages today and I hope to get some work done tomorrow!
Rathoren Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
I lost my hardrive MONTHS ago, and Geode Corner was one of the few I remembered :3
YAY!!! :D I've missed it, there was never any news on if you had stopped updating and I completely didnt think to check deviantart *facepalms*
I'm excited!! Glad you are doing better, sorry to hear about your rough year!! :(

Never stop updating! ;D its way to original for you to drop it without some kind of finishing!! <3
TRALLT Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013
Thank you so much for your kind words! I hope to update GC until the bitter end, even if there are few pesky hiatus issues. 

I'm actually hoping to release a New Adult novel version of GC at some point as well. 
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